What’s This Blog Site About..

Well, it’s about things that are essential for the development and purification of your mind. But first, do let me tell what this blog and essentially my practice and it’s application is NOT about.

It’s not about positive thoughts, it’s about taking action. It’s not about unrealistic aspirations, it’s about freeing yourself from delusion. It’s not about telling you everything will be alright, it’s about showing you a way to understand your world and make it work for you. It’s not about converting or religion, it’s about learning and asking questions.

It is about looking for the truth and practicing any kind of meditation that leads to the cessation of suffering and pain. That sounds a bit gloomy to doesn’t it.. but wait until that moment when you free yourself from something like anger… sadness… anxiety… then tell me this is nothing short of amazing..

Talking about insight meditation, its practical application in life, work and love and the results you can expect is the main purpose of this site. You’ll find free resources for medication, be able to bring your own insights to light, ask questions and get guidance and support for your own practice.

This site is for anyone looking to understand the mind a bit better, for those of you looking for a teacher, for those of you who enjoy consuming practical talks and for those looking for a way to purify thoughts and grow compassion. It’s for those of you willing and able to take the necessary steps to understand and react to your world for the benefit of all of us and yourself.

It’s going to be a journey… a long one, but I’m in it for the long haul, so strap in, ask questions but as my teacher says, “Don’t get too comfortable, everything changes”. More about that later…

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