Daily Life Getting In the Way of Mindfulness..

Just off the back of this one relatively brief and simple explanation of using Mindfulness in Daily Life.. it occurred to me that once up a time… I believed that mindfulness should be practised “when I have the time?”… “When there’s nothing more important to do..”…”When works not so busy..”… “If I have time before bed”… “If there’s nothing good on telly”… “If I feel like it…”

I’ll hedge my bets that anyone reading this has been guilty of one if not all of the above statements… and that’s okay… no judgement.. but if you’re thinking like me… that something didn’t quite seem right about that.. continuing to blame a lack of progress on “busy life” or “not enough hours in the day”… then keep reading and DEFINITELY watch the video I’ve linked to this piece.

It was a while back now since I had this problem, but I remember the ton of excuses I made not to be mindful.. and if I’m being really honest… sometimes I still try it on. But since my practice progress with the use of BOTH intense and all-day practice… it is much easier to snap myself back into what I now know keeps my mind sharp and thoughts clear.

Just to clarify, intense practice is when you sit or walk to a set amount of time with the intention to BE MINDFUL, using the 4 satipathanna (the objects of meditation) as your process. The “All Day” mindful is simply trying to remember to be mindful as often as possible throughout the day. Eating mindfully, walking, moving, sitting, listening mindfully.

Now herein lies the problem.. or question I guess. How do I be mindful at work? Won’t I get fired? What if I’m caught watching my breath instead of working on my project. GOOD QUESTION..

The simple answer is to only be mindful when you don’t need your mind to be focussing on something else.. If you look carefully there’s a million and 1 chances to be mindful in the day..

the walk to the bathroom
the sip of water
the birds singing outside

and more inwardly…

the moments of frustration
the feeling of jealousy
the arising of anger

Start looking for moments to be mindful… I guarantee you’ll find them…

Then back to the task at hand with a clear mind, free from the anger and frustration that would have ordinarily had you clinging on and wanting out..

Enjoy this really awesome explanation from the Venerable Yutthadhammo Bhikku…

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