Goodness Leads to Happiness

We all want to be happy. The confusing part is knowing the difference between temporary happiness because we got what we wanted, ate something delicious or saw something cool and that “no going back, long-lasting, irreversible, contented Happiness”.

Which one do you want? All right both probably, but only one of them comes without disappointment and suffering…

Let’s keep on track though without delving into the suffering of life and talk about a sure-fire, viable and easier way to experience True Happiness.

Well as the title mentions, goodness is the path. But that’s such a big word and it’s usually pretty loaded if it comes up in conversation and goodness has its own interpretation from one person to the next. So let’s listen to someone who we can all agree, had a pretty clear understanding of goodness. Ignore our compulsion to say what WE think or give OUR opinions or do things OUR way…

The Buddha said, “Happiness Cannot Be Achieved without Goodness”.

Here’s a simple list, if you have the things on the list, you will see that true, unwaning Happiness that’s at the root of our most human endeavors

Keeping the details to a minimum here

1. Charity
2. Ethics
3. Development/ giving rise to something in the mind/ meditation
4. Respect and Humility
5. Helping other people do good things
6. Sharing your goodness with others
7. Appreciate goodness done by others
8. Teaching goodness
9. Listening goodness
10. Straightening your view

This all seems pretty loaded. Admittedly coercive. So I confess, just as my teacher did, I AM trying to coerce you. Not to be Buddhist, not to convert you, not to change your beliefs, BUT just to be good… Because Goodness WILL make you Happy.

Surrounding yourself with people who do good, will make you happier.

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