What the heck is a Mlog?

Mlogging … what the heck is that! Okay it doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue but it serves a purpose and that’s exactly what this site is about.

Mlogging stands for Meditation Blogging.  A chance for myself and others to share their experiences with meditation.. ask questions.. share insights and promote health and purity of the mind by way of compassion, effort and community spirit.

Well, no point in hanging around! I’ve done my meditation today so I’ll get to sharing a little bit about my practice.

I practice Vippassana or Insight Meditation. I’ve a pretty extensive history with meditation and Buddhism alike so I’ll keep things really current!

My daily practice, these days, consists of about an hour of Dhamma followed by 30 minutes walking meditation and 30 minutes sitting meditation. Trust me it hasn’t been easy keep up momentum.. but just one of the things I have learned this week is that everything happens in cycles. My energy and effort wains.. my opinions and thoughts change.. my mind does flips and the only thing one can do to cope with the unsteady and uncertain world… is to be interactive, rather than reactive.. Check Out my Teachers Latest Upload which will explain a little more..  subscribe to Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu

Everyday will bring a new insight, a new challenge, a new lesson because simply put..

If you look, you will see, if you see you will know… I use Mindful Noting to look.

The method simply addresses each thought, feeling, observation and action that arises. By Noting the arising of my abdomen, and then its falling, it’s confirms this involuntary cycle of life. Everything rises.. everything falls. My thoughts arise, then fade… my feelings come then disappear upon my noting. It became clear to me, just as the Lord Buddha said it would if I looked and investigated.. that there is nothing in this world worth attaching too.. not even my own breath… since it will soon disappear…not even my most amazing thoughts, they soon change shape or my feeling about them dissipates.

This method of noting has been life changing for me. I know now that it’s my reaction to life that causes my pain. I am learning to be interactive and it’s totally making sense now.

For a free How to Meditate Like Me PDF check out the Free Resources page on this site and download !

Until tomorrow, I wish you all peace, happiness and compassion.

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